The Fair For 21st-Century Design

COLLECTIBLE is a unique platform for the showcase and discovery of the best in collectible design.

With a contemporary vision, BOON_ROOM sparks a dynamic discourse tailored to discerning collectors and contemporary art and design enthusiasts. BOON_ROOM celebrates individuality and uniqueness, selecting works that stand out from the ordinary, sourcing art and design from a wide range of cultures, and methodologies. The gallery meticulously curates distinct, enduring contemporary art and collectible design. BOON_ROOM invites you to get inspired and discover our unique selection of collectible designs from 7 - 10 March 2024 at COLLECTIBLE. 

During the event, the gallery will reveal the "VARNA COLLECTION" created by Atelier Pendhapa for BOON_EDITIONS N°3

At the heart of this collection are striking geometric curves that seamlessly blend into the surrounding space, 

forming central points that naturally encourage social interactions. BOON_ROOM  will also exclusively 

showcase limited edition lighting sculptures from the DAL 달 ~ DRAWING A LINE collection by Cristiana Giopato and

Christopher Coombes, the visionary founders of Giopato&Coombes, as well as contemporary artworks by

 Francis Wilson and Benjamin Foucaud.